Adore Yellow Bi Tone

ADORE YELLOW  BI-Tone  Adore yellow bi tone
just bought brand contact lenses ADORE tone Yellow
are better than I expected and really comfortable
the purchase made ​​online and it took 27 days to arrive,
arrived in good condition in a yellow envelope with beautiful golden box inside.

Regarding the arrival time if I did it took a lot.
but it was worth it to have them with me

from the first use I felt that they are really comfortable
The cleaning fluid I use is brand CARE and I liked how it feels
My eye color is brown and no lens gave me what I wanted
These are the lenses that I liked more and I bought almost all look for this effect in particular

is my first time with the brand ADORE and I think I'm going to buy green

If your eyes are brown color and lenses do not create that effect brightness test with this brand

I leave here the link

Yellow Bi Tone Adore