Papel Maché Paste Recipe silk and smooth texture

Hello everyone
This recipe for paper mache paste is personal
I did trying to find the perfect balance to mold it in countless ways with resistance and faster drying, I've found useful for me

I hope it will help them♥

You need :

50 g of toilet paper roll of low quality (unknown brand from the dollar store is great)
Alcohol 1 oz 96°
1/2 tablespoon of vinegar 
4 oz school glue
Hot Water enough to cover the paper
Spoon and container
Plastic bag 

Make small pieces of paper
Put the paper into pieces in a bowl
Add water an alcohol 
Cover it and  mix well
Leave it for 2 hours
Process the paste in a blender
Pass through a sieve to remove as much water
Extract it and squeeze with your hands, remove all water

Deposit it in a clean and dry container
Separate it into small pieces, crumble fragments 
Adds all school glue
Mixture until homogenize to form a silky smooth paste 
Save it in the bag without air in the table (do not refrigerate yet)
Allow it to rest 30 minutes
Ready to use :)

You get a paste of 160 g
The remaining mixture is refrigerated